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Google+ out of Closed Beta


Just now, I noticed a subtle change within the main google search page. A huge arrow pointing to the upper left of the taskbar on top of the page.

It would seem that now, an invitation is no longer required to create a Google+ profile. The change comes at the same time as an update on the mobile app and is coincidentally at the same time that the Facebook homepage suddenly became riddled with a new form of organization, which plenty of users find quite unwelcome and are being prompted to change into a UK configuration which will probably change as well in a few hours.

Google+ as a direct competition to Facebook is quite barren as of yet, but this open registration might just give it the push it needs to somehow bite off a piece of the social network pie.

Looking forward to the migration of my friends XD. Google+ is a little bit different as it attempts to consolidate accounts and information from known networks as well as its very own. It is a little bit disconserting at first, but a short time with the new social network presents a nice ‘re-introduction.’

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