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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Maxwell Takedown 20161119

Finally! I think I’ve wasted like four full refills on this trial, by far the hardest, most finicky RNG, and rewarding of them all, netting a 5* character if you can accomplish the task – which seems incredibly simple, but is anything but… evoke Diabolos.

Maxwell, the Creator
Maxwell, the Creator

The Trial of the Creator requires a very specific party to complete and even then there’s still the chance that Maxwell will cast four Genesis attacks and level your party without remorse in an odd turn.

This is a no-TMR run with a CoD friend that has DW and Rising Sun, nothing superlative.


Discussions on Reddit point toward this specific party build:

  • Full Breaker (There’re plenty of these now) (5*Vaan)
  • Provoke Tank + Healer (6*Cecil)
  • Healer (6*Refia)
  • DPS 1 Dark Element/Man-Eater and Barrage (6*CoD)
  • DPS 2 Barrage unit that hits more than once (5*Bartz)
  • DPS 3 Yet another Barrage unit (6*CoD with DW)


The key timings to consider are:

  1. Every 4th turn Maxwell will cast Rune and Sacred Song buffing her attack. This MUST be Dispelled immediately after.
  2. When Maxwell goes under 60% Meteor is cast – this is a powerful single target ability that is practically useless against Cecil. You must have Provoke on to avoid this damage. She usually pairs this with Resurrection which returns her HP over 60%
  3. When Maxwell goes under 30% Endless is cast – this is an unrelenting AoE skill that she usually couples with Revive that returns her HP over the threshold.
  4. Randomly Maxwell may cast Destiny which will kill practically any non Light resistant character. This is her most powerful single target attack.

And because of the degree of difficulty, I even had a paper with me so that I could count the turns properly.

Turn 1 – Embolden (or Cheer if thats what you have), Focus, Full Break, DPS, DPS, DPS
A lone Genesis is cast by Maxwell at this time, she’s down by around 15-20%

Turn 2 – Provoke, Imperil, Cura (since damage isn’t that high yet) DPS, DPS, DPS
Maxwell unleashes a flurry of attacks, she’s down by nearly 40% by now


Turn 3 – Heals and Attacks (if you’re lucky, you should have the esper bar to around 50% already at this point)
Maxwell will attack you with Meteor once the 60% threshold is passed, she did that here, and it hit Cecil.

Turn 4 – This is the round that will define your survivability – Curaja Cecil and Block with everyone else
Maxwell will attack with the usual Rune and Sacred Song combo – this will hurt, hopefully it doesn’t kill your characters. She also applied Resurrection at this time… Impossibly so, Bartz lived through the ordeal. Maxwell now has ATK UP.

Turn 5 – Dispel and reinstated Full Break, pick up the pieces with heals, revives, feathers and elixirs if necessary. In my winning playthrough, I was able to fill the esper bar here and evoke Diabolos – it will have minor damage so don’t rely on it to even hurt Maxwell, it wont.
Maxwell cast Destiny on Vaan… he died.

— This is the cycle that you must strive to maintain. Keep Focus and/or Omni up as most of the critical hits are magical and SPR/resistance is important. Also don’t neglect Breaks on Maxwell as her normal attack damage will require you more than just a Curaja. The rest is how my fight unfolded. —

Turn 6 – Resurrected Vaan with Full-Life, with the challenge completed, I decided to go all in on the attack now. A trio of Call of the Void lands on Maxwell which brings her HP under the threshold for Endless.
Maxwell started off with Endless (expected ouch!) and healed herself up a bit. At this moment I still did not have any protective buffs up so this attack decimated my team leaving only Cecil, Refia, and my CoD alive

Turn 7 – Full-Life on CoD friend, feather on Vaan, and Curaja hoping against all hope that I survive.
Maxwell started attacking Cecil and finished off with a Genesis. Thankfully, Vaan and CoD survived by the skin of their teeth.


Turn 8Maxwell is going to once again cast Rune and Sacred Song after my turn so I decided to go all out on this attack to finish off the trial and finally get my Maxwell… hopefully!
With my Bartz floored and two of my units at perilously low HPs I buffed both Embolden and Focus and topped up some MP for the DW CoD and blasted Maxwell with three more Call of the Void.


The fight lasted 19 minutes, and while this isn’t the longest (Greater Demon takes the cake for that) its the most grueling and mechanic specific battles from FFBE Global. Hope you get your Maxwell too!


See you on the Farplane!

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