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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Gilgamesh Takedown 20170315

At long last, at encounter number 8/9 (kept count because of the insane amount of NRG required to access the trial), I’ve finally beaten Greg (this is Gilgamesh’s alternative name)! And with just 5 units too! Did not get that Limit Break kill (10% Moogle) and the No Item (Bushido-Freedom Skill) requirement yet but I’ll be back for em most definitely.

If you have not read anything outside of this guide, here are key points to remember when doing this trial

  • Greg has 1,000,000 HP so expect a long fight
  • During the first turn Greg has a specific set of command to go thru so seals don’t need to be applied yet.
  • Greg has HP Thresholds: 80%, 50%, and 30% at which time he would (1) OHKO a unit (2) buff his DEF/SPR (3) damage your team, and dispel all your enhancements
  • ! This OHKO can be directed using provoke/draw attacks/fish
  • Greg has element based attacks which needs to be sealed which are:
  • Fire (Must Seal) MP Drain and ATK/DEF Break
  • Wind (Must Seal) Paralyze and Resistance Debuff
  • Water (Seal) MAG/SPR Break
  • Light (Must Seal) Confuse
  • Earth (Seal) ST -75% HP
  • And a global exclusive Lightning (Must Seal) Paralyze past the 50% Threshold
  • Sealing is done by hitting Greg with an attack that has the same attribute which can be from an elemental weapon, magic, or hybrid damage.
  • Equipping multiple elemental weapons with Dual Wield, allows for sealing of more than one element at a time.
  • Lightning can only be sealed by Magic or Hybrid Damage… weapons alone won’t work.
  • After Greg gets hit with the Water element the third time he will use Break which is a self buff that can easily be dispelled. You can time this so that it will coincide with passing a threshold and get a “free” turn without the need to seal. This will only happen once.
  • You also dont need to seal when passing a threshold as he will use his 3 stage attack on you.
  • Greg will attack between 6-8 times during each of his turns.

Here’s the team I had for when I completed this trial:

Noctis with DW and Ring of Lucii- Sealer 2 / Damage 2 (Light, Fire)

with DW – Sealer 1 (Water, Lightning, Wind)

with DC – Heal/Res

– Provoke Tank, Dispel

Friend – Damage 1, Support, and Sacrificial Lamb during thresholds

Things I did differently from my earlier 7/8 attempts:

  • Geared my Noctis for survivability rather than damage
  • Equipped Ramza with a lot of HP gear, had him up to around 7k
  • Used only 5 units! Yes this was the first time I attempted the trial with only 5 units and with close to no elemental overlap too!
  • Let go of Rain. Was originally using him to seal 4 elements at once using Lava Floor (Fire and Earth) with a Lightning and Wind weapon equipped.
  • Let go of Bartz. Was originally using Bartz as Sealer 2 (Gale Barrage, Water and Light Weapon) and Support with Entrust and possibly Life Giver. Will probably use him again for the No Items achievement lest I land a better MP battery unit.
  • Crafted a Water Blade which uses 3MP! This and the Stone Blade should be the sealing skills that you’re using! Forget Lava Floor!
  • With this attempt I intentionally want sealing the Earth element. It is risky, but luck was on my side this time.

Battle highlights:

During one turn, this was nearing or just over the 30% threshold, to my horror, Greg downed my Ramza with a couple of X-Slashes (curse you RNG). I had to bust out the Lightning Flask with my Noctis and left the unsealed elements to chance. Provoke was likely down at this time.

It was only past the final threshold that I had to pop an Elixir on Refia, otherwise Cecil would’ve gone down due to lack of healing and with that my chance at finally finishing Greg off.

Also used an elixir on Noctis friend to get my Warp Break chain up to finish the job.

In retrospect, I had a full LB bar on Ramza at the final turn, should’ve entrusted that to Noctis, activated Armiger, and got the Moogle >< I had forgotten all about the achievement because I was finally killing Greg LOL… or did I do that intentionally so that I’ll face him again? XDD

This trial is among the hardest in Global ATM however I do believe I spent even more NRG during the Maxwell one whilst trying to get her. How’s your experience getting your Genji Blade?

See you guys at the Farplane!

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