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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Aigaion Takedown 20171007

At last, the bane of my FFBE gameplay had been put to sleep and in record time at that! 42 minutes without a Fryevia and none of that 2B bug nonsense… that’s pretty decent IMHO.

So here’s the story behind this trial:

Before this winning run, I had just attempted it with another A2 friend who had on Beastlord + Aigaion Arm but I was not able to finish that despite having been on the challenge for over two hours… but I learned something important that led me to this victory. Initially I was using a Dash > Finisher cycling technique but towards the end when all things looked like they were going to the trash anyway, I decided to use Offensive Heal Combo (OHC) and noticed that the damage was much more significant on the Aigaion Body. This was the key… or at least it was part of it.

After getting wiped out once again, I ran Earth Shrine a couple of times waiting for another A2 to run with… what I needed was an A2 friend that did not have Excalibur on… in an unbelievable twist of fate, there was Heroe with an A2 that was carrying a Dandelga + Aigaion Arm! So I boosted up my NRG with a couple of restore pots and off we went against the robot monster.

Here is my team comp:

Rikku on Golem (Support) – Hyper Mighty G (HMG) and the occasional esper invocation when the bar was unfilled. My Rikku had a complete Ignorance set as well as Prodigy Goggles
Knight Delita on Ifrit (Fire Chainer)- Chirijiraden + Pod 153 equipped
Orlandeau on Diabolos (Fire Chainer) – Crimson Saber + Pod 153 equipped
Olive on Odin (Finisher/Support/Bait) – Sparky, DH, ATK Materia, does Napalm Grenade, True Shot, or throws out Elixirs / Chocolates / Mega Ethers
Tilith on Ramuh (Healer/Mana Battery) – Equipped for over 100MP regen on self, does Goddess Revelation / Prism Heal / Celestial Light / Sealed Light
friend A2 with no Esper in effect because we were not friends (Fire Chainer/Finisher) – Equipped with Dandelga + Aigaion Arm

Here are the key elements that were used during the fight using the Body first method:

– Leave for turn one, while body is alive, Rikku MUST be able to activate HMG, used Golem summon otherwise. Cast HMG first whenever possible to refresh more from stray LB crystals coming off the body.
Olive does Fire Imperil when necessary
– Mirage 2x, OHC chain on the body
– Tilith uses Sealed Light or Celestial Light during critical turns such as whenever “Light is concentrating” comes on which means World Destroyer is coming up next.
– Make sure not to destroy Right Arm before body goes down. I had noticed in all my failed runs that when Right Arm respawns, it now attacks the units more times and often leads to double deaths despite HMG… that is unacceptable as it raises Aigaion’s HP little by little
– Olive opts to use MP items to support Prism Heal most especially for A2 (uses 52MP every turn for OHC) or for Knight Delita (uses 30MP every turn for Mirage)
Ramuh is cast right before the first World Destroyer for all achievements
– When body is destroyed, focus fire on Right Arm but still keep HMG on every other turn.

That’s about it, the challenge had me making a choice between refreshing partywide MP or putting Celestial Light on for more damage on the body. I believe Olive could have been replaced by someone else, but that someone needed to be capable of Fire Imperil of which I had none… well maybe Sozhe but that would’ve made A2 the primary target of Arm Burst.

This trial was truly one for the books, the long method simply was not very viable for me that’s why it took quite some time to properly set this team up, else I’d have waited until my magical chains would deal sufficient enough damage to dent Aigaion.

Some gameplay update, I’ve used up all my tickets and lapis available for Ayaka and was not able to land a single rainbow… quite salty… but I got a few yellows that have usable TMRs so would require farming out. See you guys on the farplane!

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