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Chrono Trigger for iDevices


What you see above is a screencap of the index page of the official Chrono Trigger site by Square Enix here. I found out about this port from one of my facebook friends and its really nostalgic seeing it once again.

Chrono Trigger is one of those early RPG masterpieces. First appearing on the SNES and then again on the PSN and the Nintendo DS. There was not a lot of characters but each has a story to tell and you really get immersed in the world and its various timelines.

It is a pity that this is only for the iOS devices right now but hey hope is not at all lost, in time it may come to the android (of course there’re emulators but an optimized version would really be a whole new experience. There is one video on youtube that shows the gameplay and the interface is quite uniqe and buttons for replies occupy a whole lot of screen so it wouldn’t be a problem.

Release date is today (Dec 9) so if you’re itching for some old school fun this weekend, why not embark (once more) on an adventure with Crono and the gang; or if youre new to the title, experience first hand one of the greatest RPG’s to ever land on a console.

Trailer below:


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