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Asus Transformer Update



When notice of the update turned up on my feed, I immediately proceeded to download and install it. The changelog presented mostly browser optimizations and force close (FC) fixes and a very special highlight was given to the new system application SuperNote.

It has a bold claim of being the best fingertip note taker and for good reason… it just might be!

I’ve often seen requests for something to consolidate notetaking and annotations / drawing combined and as plenty as there are notebook or note taking applications are out there, none I’ve tried thus far has the flexibility and ease of use as that of SuperNote. Whether its keyboard, handwriting, drawing, or media, its just a click away from the menu bar at the top to toggle between them. Most important to consider is that this one is actually designed for the tablets’ native resolution and hardware. Heck it even has a ‘scribble recognition’ setting which you could toggle if you wanted. Gesture backspace command and note password protection and a separate ‘paint book’ mode should you wish to really focus on drawing are all included and very much welcome.

I have just had a go at all the getting started and sample slides and I’m already loving the way it works. This might just be the productivity app that most student users have been looking for. A very good move Asus! And if youve got a Transformer and havent got the update yet, better click that ‘check update’ button now… if you cant find it its in the ‘About Tablet’ > ‘System Firmware Update’ area in the settings.


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