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A Tiny Concern with the iPhone X

I was up during the live stream, and like many others underwhelmed… until they said they had “one more thing” – the iPhone X. They said it was the iPhone that they’ve been trying to build all along… but is it really?

There’s all the talk about the full body screen and the new features borne of the front camera array that houses the TrueDepth camera but it is that same array that makes the iPhone X NOT the iPhone that Apple has been wanting to create.

When the iPad was developed, it scaled with the iPhone with very clear development guidelines. This new iPhone, with all its bells and whistles, uses software trickery to handle content that is being displayed on the screen look as if its displaying fine. The Verge has the lowdown on this matter.

This anniversary edition iPhone X wants to be used in portrait mode exclusively almost; From the pulldown that is triggered by swiping from the displayed time on the left to the icons that display connectivity to the right of the array, there is practically no space for things that regularly appear at the top of Apple Devices. UI elements are often pushed down and feel misplaced because of it.

To sum it up, the iPhone X does not play well with how most of the apps for the iPhone’s and the iPad’s that came before it were developed, some of the interfacing elements might even be obscured by this… most especially soft buttons for games.

So before you bust out that wallet to get the latest and greatest, hang back because you might actually not like what you get with Apple’s design choice for the iPhone X… maybe this’ll make you consider the 8 a little bit haha.

Would love to hear thoughts from developers on this matter… might be they’ll release an exclusive SDK for the iPhone X and beyond?

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